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Air Pilot Manual Volume 3 – Navigation


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 *LATEST EASA EDITION*  We only ever sell the most up to date books and equipment that will provide you with the support you need. The previous version of this book is no longer compatible with the latest syllabus but is still being sold in some places.

Volume 3 of The Air Pilot’s Manual – Air Navigation – presents this important area of training for the Private Pilot’s Licence in a logical sequence of theory, preparation and performance. The Cockpit is a difficult environment in which to learn as with the other volumes of The Air Pilot’s Manual, in Air Navigation we have avoided the presentation of ‘facts only’. A thorough understanding of the principles will enable you to gain maximum benefit from your actual navigation exercise flights. This approach will enable you to become a competent pilot/navigator and will also help to minimise your flight training hours. (It does, however, mean that our book is a little longer than it could be if the aim was only to cram in facts without a reasonable understanding.) In determining the order in which the information is presented, care has been taken to keep things as logical and practical as possible

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