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RAM Mounts

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    The yoke clamp base will fit rails in diameter from 0.625" to a maximum of 1.25". The 1" rubber …

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    The RAM-B-224-1U suction cup base consists of a 3.3" diameter RAM® Twist-Lock™ suction…

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    The RAM-B-230U double ball adapter consists of two attached B size 1" rubber balls that allow th…

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    Ideal for motorcycle handlebars, the RAM-B-231ZU consists of a 1" B size rubber ball attached to…

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    The RAM-B-238U ball base consists of a 1" B size rubber ball connected to a 2.43" x 1.31" diamon…

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    The RAP-350U, 3" diameter round clear rose disk with adhesive, is a great mounting surface to at…

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